a month later.

In May I wrote about setting goals for myself.

Well, it’s June. Here’s how that worked out for me. Ahem.

  1. Blog at least five times. Ha. Ha ha ha ha. Hahahahahahaha. Nice try, Purdin. In all honesty, it was foolish of me to expect that to happen during a very busy, stressful month- I had finals, work was crazy, and I took a mini-vacay with friends. So better luck next time.
  2. De-clutter my home. Ditto to the above. Although, I must say that Andrew and I have been much better about “resetting” our home every night- doing the dishes, picking up the toys, and preparing for the next day so we’re not quite as hectic/cranky/homicidal in the morning. And I’ve also been regularly tossing old/rarely worn clothes into bags for the Goodwill. (Hopefully they’ll be moved to the trunk of our car by the end of June. Cross your fingers.)
  3. Make a plan to clean out our fridge, freezer, and pantry and refill it with “clean” food. I’m not even going to touch this one. Food is such a complicated, messy issue for me. I shouldn’t have put such a major event down with so little forethought. I think it will actually take several mini-goals before I make it to this step. Maybe that sounds crazy- how hard is it to throw out the crap and buy healthy food? Harder than you think, dear friends. Self-diagnosed food addict over here.
  4. Go on a walk with Gabe at least once a week. HAHA! Victory! I had a great time thinking of new places to take my little man last month. My kid is very outdoorsy and turns into the Tasmanian Devil if he’s cooped up inside all day. So we went for a walk or park excursion on almost all of my days off from work. Here’s some pictures to prove it:

IMG_1086      We had a freakin heat wave that week. Hence the hat with floppy ears to protect his white-ness.

IMG_1096Poor flushed face. It was HOT. We’re not used to anything about 75.

IMG_1098Little cheeser.

And a few from my trip to OC/LA:


Even my alarm clock was excited.


Do you want to build a sandman? (Get it? Get it??)

Anyways. I’m looking forward to accomplishing more this summer since I’m done with school for the moment and work should be slowing down very soon. I’m trying to refrain from beating myself up over the Epic Goal Failure of May 2014. I mean, it’s over and done with, and I’m planning on posting my June goals in the next few days. Until then, my goal is make a list of goals. Baby steps, folks.