About Me

Howdy there. I’m Mia, a twenty-something lady person. A California native with an affinity for Northeastern intellectualism and Southern charm. I have my bachelors degree in music, and I will always be an unabashed choir nerd. I also love to read, arrange flowers, spend time outdoors, drink iced coffee, and go to Disneyland whenever possible.

I’m married to Andrew and together we’re raising our two-year-old son, Gabriel (Gabe, Gabey, Baby Gabey, Pumpkin Face, take your pick). His entrance into our lives has been both an amazing blessing and an all-consuming whirlwind of chaos I never could have imagined on my own. I get through my mothering days with a healthy dose of sarcasm. I mean, kids are ridiculous. I love mine, but the toddler years are like a reality show, complete with puking and unexpected nudity.

Anyways, I digress.

I live on the Central Coast of California, in what many call paradise and I call not my cup of tea. I know, I know. First world problems and all. I’m just not a California girl. Sorry Beach Boys. I need seasonal weather.

.husband, baby, me (circa 2012)

I have followed many bloggers who I admire greatly over the years and have often thought I could do the same thing, just in a different way. My way. Hey, I have thoughts. I have feelings. Mia + internet = best friends forever. This is my space to share life with whoever (whomever?) wants to stop on by. The interwebs are a strange place, but I’ve found many great connections with total strangers in the midst of the weirdness, so I figure I might as well join in. I tend to enjoy discussing the heavier topics in life- my faith journey, for one. I’ve been a follower of Jesus for as long as I can remember, and it hasn’t been without it’s, shall we say, peculiarities, to say the very least.

I also like to chat about what beauty products are blowing my skirt up, share recipes that work for my family and our busy lifestyle, and wax poetic regarding my distant affection for crunchy hippy culture. If I had my druthers, my family would live in a yurt and eat gluten-free, organic, home-grown, and all those other foods with trendy adjectives. Unfortunately I drink about two Cokes a day and often find myself shoveling chocolate chips in my mouth while I cook dinner. So there’s that. A girl can dream! Hallucinate…. whatever.

So come hang out with me if you’re a person. If you’re a mom. If you’re not a mom. Dads too! (Parenting is exhausting… we need all the solidarity we can get.) If you’re a cup half-fuller or a doubting Thomas. If you like to read snarky sarcasm with just enough optimism thrown in for good measure.

All are welcome here. Grab a cup of coffee, or tea, or a dirty martini for all I care. Just join the conversation!


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